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***Update on Elicia &Lee***

Hello friends!!!  I have not left a post in a while & this one is a bit over due.  This weekend the founder of earthships is in town doing a 3 day seminar that I will be writing about on a SWEET new blog i created.

E & Lee’s Epic Adventures

If you want to keep up with us & everything we are doing from our goal of living in an earthship to anthing EPIC we are doing, like adventuring, or currently we are building a sustainable tear drop trailer :) the new blog will be where its all at.

Since founding Valhalla Washington - Lee and I paired up with the group Earthship Seattle.  We’ve been attending monthly meetups with them & helping out with events as much as we can.  At this point Lee and I decided to take a step back from being the “founders” & just want to root for Valhalla on the sidelines with our friends from Earthship Seattle.

Lee and I still would like to buy land at some point & build earthships on it, hopefully with a few of our friends from Earthship Seattle!  :)

I hope you are all doing fantasticly!!!  Namaste!

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Days 146 - 153

Hello friends!  I will have an awesome detailed blog entry next week after the Earthship Seattle Meetup on Monday & the screening of Garbage Warrior at SoulFood Books in Redmond Tuesday night!

I can’t wait for both!!!!

Otherwise, just keeping on keeping on ;)

I’ve been taking a new spiritual/advanced meditation class.  Today is my last class of this course that I am in.  I am kind of sad it is over, (its been 8 weeks) but very much looking forward to my next class that starts in mid September!!!  

I hope you guys can make it out next week to one of the events Lee and I will be at!  Take care!

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Earthship Seattle Meetup →


  • Come join Earthship enthusiasts! Learn & share with sustainably like-minded people. Multiple people in the group have been to Earthship Academy with Michael Reynolds & others have built Earthships start to finish. Everyone is welcome at this event. 

    If you are new to the earthship concept, this would be a great opportunity to connect with local knowledgeable people and learn about this amazing housing concept.

    This event is also on

We are getting excited for our next Earthship Seattle Meetup!!  Lee and I have been super busy with life & were unable to attend the last one.  Super looking forward to going to this one!  Our friend Rob will be there; him & Nick just returned from Earthship Academy with Michael Reynolds.

We’d love to have you out, hope to see you there!  :D

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Days 128 - 138


Sorry for the stretch!  Lee and I have mostly been doing “field research” - checking out different areas around, camping, trying to figure out where we would want to live.  :)

Lee and I have been “painting a picture” of our future.  We’ve been talking about our 5 year plan and even a 10 year plan!  I can’t wait to have land and build our Earthships!!!!

Lee and I will be attending the next Earthship Seattle Meetup on Jul 29th @ 7pm in Seattle.  Let us know if you have interest in attending & we will get you the info!  :)

Reminder:  Michael Reynolds workshop is in September and its something you don’t want to miss!!!

I hope you are all having a great summer & I will report back a little sooner next time. ;)

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Days 119 - 127

Hello friends!!!

Thank you for your patience :)  I FINALLY have Maker Faire pictures for you!!  I just spent the last…. forever - getting the pics on the computer & a little editing.

I am going to start with ALL Earthship Seattle booth pics, then move onto the rest of the faire.

Above is Florian on the left, he recently returned from 6 week Earthship Academy with Michael Reynolds & on the left is Lee, shoveling some dirt in to a tire.

We all took turns pounding the 200 pounds of dirt in to the tire!

Jamie in an “action shot” ;)

Yours truly pounding dirt!

Florian & Jamie setting up the water filtration system demo.

Our finished, pounded tire!  :D

Bright and early Saturday morning, I think 7:45am, we were having some breakfast ;)

Lydia on the right, has built an earthship in Guatemala with 60 other peeps :)

Our little solar panel light Lee built us :D  (you can see the little soar panel on the top of the jar)

Super stuffed trash bottel.  Over 150 plastic grocery store bags in there :)

Our functioning display of the water filtration system.  I had SO much fun doing this display for little kids!!  & I’ve super memorized how it works to explain to other people!! :D

Dirt wall, when the sun shines through the glass - its beautiful!

We were so busy that day, I didn’t take any more pics of us.  It was AWESOME!!!!  Got to talk to A LOT of people about earthships.  :D

Ok, now you get to EXPERIENCE the rest of Seattle Maker Faire.  I took pics at EVERY booth.  Have fun!  :D

p.s. I have no idea what some of the things are in the pics ;)

No idea what that is (above).

This little guy has a remote control in his hand & he is controlling the robot on the floor.  Almost ran me over, haha ;)

Of course Google was at Maker Faire

Oh yeah, virtual reality video game!  I missed taking a pic of what they see.  It was pretty cool!

Sweet Space Needle :D

This robot was rolling around ALL DAY, chasing & spraying little kids with water.  I couldn’t figure out who was controlling it…

Remember making these as a kid???

Look, the Bellagio fountains made it to Maker Faire this year, haha, j/k!

Ok, I have no idea what was going on at the booth in the pic above, but it was right next to our booth.  I think games….

This couple were so cool looking I had to get a pic! 

Alright, thats it for now.  Hope you enjoy your weekend, the weather is amazing!!! :D

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Days 112 - 118


Hope everybody is having an easy week!  

Lee and I have been busy little bee’s!  He is working super hard @ work & on projects outside of work.  I am working hard at work, also starting a business with a girlfriend (we already have an event booked this summer) and I have also started taking a new spiritual/energy class - which is opening doors that I HAVE dreamed about.  :D   Yeah, BUSY!!!

Maker Faire info & pics are coming soon, I promise!!!

Days 106 - 111

Hi friends, 

Just a quick check in tonight.  We’ve been pretty busy.  Maker Faire was a  success!!!  I will post about it next & tell you all about it! :)

Have a great night, talk to you guys soon!  Its time to make some din din!

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Days 99 - 105

Hello & happy Friday to everyone!!

Im about to head out the door to work, but leaving work early today… Today is our (Earthship Seattle) first day at Maker Faire!!! :D   

Lee and I will be there this evening & I will be manning the booth majority of tomorrow!  We have a super cool solar pannel light that Lee made for us.  It is AWESOME!!!  We also have 5 other stations set up of other atributes that go into an earthship.  We also have a stuffed trash bottle :)  I cant believe how much un-recyclable plastics we got in that bottle!!

Anyway, hope everyone has a great Friday & I hope to see you at Maker Faire!

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Days 94 - 98

Hi friends!

Been busy getting ready for Maker Faire!!!  Its next weekend @ the Seattle Center.  So excited, we have some great volunteers!!!  If anyone still wants to volunteer, we could still use more help :)

I want to leave you with a cool 10 minute video I found on Earthship homes.  You should watch, its pretty awesome!  :D

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Days 88 - 93

Hello!!!  Lee and I road tripped down to Mt. Shasta.  We spent the weekend mostly camping & hiking.  We just got in at 4am this morning.  

We had a pretty spiritual/epic weekend.  I was surprised about our camp host.  I did not imagine having a camp host that was so amazing!!!  Karen, our camp host, was SO awesome!!!  She is super like-minded.  We told her we wanted to see a Lumerian and she told us a personal story of a time when she saw one. Pretty RAD!!!  We talked about energy, how cool it is to meet like minded people & lots more.  She has a super rad dog - a basenji, name Helios which is the egyptian god of the sun.  Can’t talk enough positive about Karen!!!

We checked out the Wesak festival while we were there.  image

It was a crazy full “super moon” while we were there.


There were many groups people doing spiritual cerimonies to heal the planet.

I bought a new selenite crystal at the festival.  

They had these awesome  ”wands” that looked like this:image

I regret not buying one…..   I am currently trying to get in touch with the vendor.  They also had “wands” with other crystals.  Some had a different crystal at each end.  Pretty cool!  They had psychics doing readings, people doing all sorts of healings, crystals & stones galore.

The town of Mt. Shasta is pretty cool.  We visited 2 crystal shops while we were there.  Both were cool for different reasons.  One had super cool crystal jewelry the other one had super cool crystals and stones in general.  The store with the crystals & stones also had 4 HUGE crystal skulls!!!  (that were not for sale) Here is a pic of ones for sale…. wish i would have got a pic of the other ones!!! image

Ok, so the giant one in the pic above, that is not a full skull… yeah, the 4 other skulls I didn’t get a pic of were that size.

Lee and I hiked at a place that had 3 HUGE waterfalls.  Lee took pics, but we have not pulled them off his camera yet.

On the way there, I snapped this pic, not the best, but still shows it’s beauty ;)


Well, thats all Ive got for now.  Will check back in with more Valhalla stuff soon.  Maker Faire is right around the corner!!!

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